Saturday, April 12, 2014


I had a friend contact me several weeks ago about a quilt, she showed me a picture and asked if I could help her make it.  So...we discussed the pattern and the amount of fabrics we need.

As I was searching for a Basket pattern (more on that later) I came across the pattern in a notebook of collected patterns.  What luck!!!

So I had a layer cake...added a few fabrics and this is what I came up with.

Now when I say this I don't want to upset anyone but....don't send the fabric police but my layer cake was not cut all the same.  Some squares were lopsided, some not the full 10" (decided not to reveal the name of the layer cake).

Sorry....I am just saying that it made some squares hard.  I know...whaaaaaa poor me. (smiling)

So today I wanted to make some Easter Baskets and that is when I came across the above pattern (yes, got sidetracked)...it is a girls prerogative to change her mind!!!
 Well...I did not want a basket this big so I am in the quest for smaller ones...I just might make my own...I can do that....and that is the prerogative word again.

 I wanted to make an Easter Wall Hanging and so I made me some PEEPS and put them in an unbrella...and what baskets does not like chocolate?  Gotta have Chocolate.

Here is a little mug rug to match!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014


See this Window???

Once again you are going DUH!!!  We know what a window looks like.

Well...notice that it is open?

You can see the handle bars to my gazelle.  This is my view from my computer...slightly over is my sewing machine.

I know...you all are going SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Well...I will  tell you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Notice that the window is open....once again..duhhhhh

I have asked my husband to keep it closed.

Because what if I want to scratch myself or pick something (I am laughing at this one)....and someone comes by and see me doing so or stuffing my face?

I already feel like I am in a fish bowl with the whole side of the room with windows.

The other day I was on my computer and I turned around and a man is looking in my window.  Talk about CREEEEPY.....he said he rang the bell....gosh I didn't hear it.

One day I was exercising and someone peeps in.


....I am not on show here!!!!  There are just some things a girl has to do in private!!!!

My husband likes to have the window open so he can keep a look out on his cute dog...making sure he is still cute.

I must admit....he is awfully cut but a pain in the back side.....

So the will of the window will continue.  I shut it, he opens it....I shut it again and wow...it pops open ....hummmm

That being said....I have plans for this fabric from Island Batik, if I can just get to it.

   The night before last I put a table topper together and yesterday I did a wall hanging...see, they are waiting for me to come and finish them.  They are closed over so if you come by and look in my window you can not see what they are.

Then that piece of fabric they are laying on...that is the backing for that religious quilt I am doing...going to put that together today and get it ready to quilt.

Too much going on over here, you are always welcome to come and see but please...don't look through my window.

Monday, April 7, 2014


See this door?  Of course you do.

Can you guess what is behind that door?  Door #1???

Look at the left bottom corner, that is the top of my computer.  When I am sitting there and the door is open

my husband can see me from his desk, behind the door is his office. You guessed it!

 The view you are seeing is my view from my sewing machine.

Usually the door is open and my husband has full access to seeing everything I do.

I try to block him out.  Most times he is outside but since it has been raining he has been inside.

Trust me when I tell you that he is too young to be retired.  He had many many good years left in him and most people his age are still working.

Why am I telling you this.....because today I was preoccupied with my totes.  I had to measure the corners for the bottom of the totes to square them off.

He was talking to me, I had a ruler in my mouth and a pencil in my hand...I could only grunt at him.

I guess he wanted my full attention .....that is where the door comes in.

Usually it is open...he shut it with the comment....."I won't bother you any more"

I am laughing because all I wanted to do was sew...

.I did not want to go to the store and get him some pepsies...which he wanted me to do in the middle of my sewing.

I did not want to go on a walk right now...I was once again...in the middle of a project.

I did not want to go and see how cute his dog was....I was in the middle of something....

Oh sun...won't you come out, dry up the ground and bring him warmth so he can work outside.

That all being said...I did go on a walk with him and later I did go driving with him to get him some pepsies.....


A while back a friend notified me of this blog that does totes for Breast Cancer patients.

I think this is definitely a worthy cause so today I am making totes.

Martha Jane gives you a place to go for the pattern.

When I first started blogging I was showing the gals in Samoa how to make these.  Well...here it is again but I made this one smaller than what is shown.  Lazy gal has a smaller version as well but I wanted my measurements to match the gal from the blog.  So I made mine 31 long (this is with it doubled over so if you were to lay the fabric out flat it would be 62 inches long) and then I made it 14 inches wide.

Then I just did my corners like she did hers but did it before (of course, you are rolling your eyes at this statement) I pulled it through....you will have to see the pattern to understand...quit rolling those eyes.

Okay, you can roll your eyes at this statement.....I just love my Samoan fabrics and figured who wouldn't love a tote with this beautiful fabric.

Now to go and cut up some more...I had to make one to make sure my measurements were good, they are so now I am off!!!



They are packed and ready to go...whohooooo

Friday, April 4, 2014


Several months ago I spent a lot of time on this quilt, took great pains in quilting it.  The gal loved the quilt but she said that she loved the back more than the front.  Was that a cold rag that slapped my face?

Go Figure!!

In January my family started a block of the month.  We have eleven of us doing these blocks.  We pick a person's name from the basket and that month we all do the block that the person whos name was chosen.  This month my niece chose these barn blocks by "Bee in my Bonnet", we each chose a different barn...this is the one I chose.

My name was chosen last month and my block was "The Tree of Life" at the Quilters Cache

Here are three of the blocks, I have not finished mine yet....

Monday, March 31, 2014


Here is a look outside my sewing room window.  You can see why I have a time in my room especially when it is so beautiful outside.....but....

I have been in my room today working on this quilt.  I have some embellishments I want to do on it and will show that later.  I just love this fabric.  Those of you who belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints know and understand this fabric.  Those who do not, this is our Young Women Values but as I was sewing on this I was thinking....who would not want these Values for their daughters hanging on the wall to remind them of their own Individual worth and Love a Father in Heaven has for them???

You can get this fabric at Inchworm fabrics.  As I had stated before, her fabrics are sold by the half yard but a complete yard is around five dollars....doesn't get much better than that!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Yesterday I got the Pin Curl Quilt (see picture on post below this one) pinned and ready to quilt.

One thing that I did not like about the Pin Curl pattern is that there were a lot of left over scraps...so this is what I am doing with my scraps.... (really scrappy huh???)  I was going to do them in nine patch but re thought it and ended up with this.

 Then as I had said in a previous post, my sister, Beverly made the Pin Curl quilt in her Marblelicious fabrics and I asked for her scraps (well...she volunteered the fabric and I said no...then re thought it and asked for it a few days later).  Here is what I am doing with hers.

No...Beverly, you can not have your scraps back!!!

Have any of you been to Inchworm Fabrics lately?  If not...you really should go and take a gander....

I did, had to re think my order several times....and oh...how I love this fabric....did I say extremely love???  Accuquilt has the Train die (which I have) and it would go perfect for this fabrics....can't wait to get it.  Not like I don't have enough to do.

  Then there are these owls...oh my stinking gosh....

Her prices are amazing, these are five dollars a  yard...sold by the half yard ...

Also, did any of you know that Island Batik has a free pattern site?  Quilted In Honor  - loves these quilts, wonderful for our Wounded Warriors, Operation Homefront, and Quilts of Valor...great patterns for all of these.

Can't you tell I am so indecisive today...don't know if I want to quilt the Pin Curl quilt, work on my scraps or Beverly's....or clean house....gosh...what is a gal to do?????